Monday, February 5, 2007

"I stand at the door..."

Sometimes it's so hard to find peace in the craziness of life! Days start early in the morning and don't seem to last long enough to achieve everything on my list. Yet, almost always, I go to bed with a feeling of peace in my heart. I know this sense does not come naturally to me. Peace is something I continually pray for, and God faithfully arrives at the door of my heart with just the right dose at just the right time. So, why do I try to "find" this peace in other things? Since I am assured of my Father's love and care for me... and I know He won't let me down... WHY do I search? When life deals me things that I feel I can't cope with I will do one of two things. Either I will stop and pray for guidance ( no brainer, right?), or I will run and ignore everything! Recently, I was faced with making this choice again. Nothing HUGE happened in my life... life is good. I've been blessed in so many ways. You know what I mean though... one slight little curve thrown your way and it sometimes feels like a boulder has landed right in front of you! Without doing much thinking at all, I chose to do the "run and ignore" thing. I chose to try to "fix" things myself. UGH!! As usual, I didn't find much peace in that at all. In fact, all I found in making that choice is fear, panic, and some tears too. Thankfully, that little knock came to my "door" just as it always has. THANK YOU LORD!! I'm so grateful for a God who shows me in so many ways (both gentle and not so gentle) that He is in control of my life.... that He cares about me... that He has made me for a purpose according to His will and that He will never give me more than I can handle. Does that mean that He won't allow situations to happen in my life that aren't challenging? No, of course not. He allows these things for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason He allows these moments in my life is that He keeps teaching me that peace comes in the quiet... and peace comes in the craziness. All I have to do is stop and allow Him to be heard FIRST... before doing anything else.

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Julie Grace said...

Hey girl! It looks great! Your family is BEAUTifully handsome! I'm proud of you for getting that up and runnin! And I'd forgotten how gifted you were at writing! I'll try to remember to check it once in a while! Praying for you!