Thursday, September 30, 2010


This past weekend, my best friend and I celebrated 18 years of being married. Wow... eighteen years makes us sound so OLD! Ugh...

We were gifted with a night out {shout out to Papa and Grammy Berta } without boys, and a morning to sleep in a bit. J and I went out to dinner, walked around some shops, went to Barnes & Noble { one of our favorite hang-outs } and then came home to a very quiet house.

It was lovely.

The next morning we picked the boys up and headed out for a geo-caching adventure! We hiked around, explored, and looked for our treasure. We went to lunch at this little hole in the wall deli { it was oh, so yummy } and then came home to be treated to a spaghetti dinner prepared by Caleb. Yes... our YOUNGEST made dinner for us... What a treat! He is taking a cooking class at school and LOVING it!

It really was a GREAT weekend of celebrating ALL that God has blessed us with. Originally, J and I were planning our weekend. We had thought that maybe we would be able to get away for a couple of nights and even escape to the ocean. As the weekend drew nearer though, we learned that WE wouldn't be planning our anniversary weekend after all... It would have to be a celebration designed by God. How foolish of me to be disappointed that we wouldn't be able to do what we viewed as a perfect plan. Doesn't He always prepare something even MORE delightful when we let Him?

On Saturday before we headed out for the soccer game before taking the boys to the game, I became very quiet. J came to me and asked if everything was okay. I told him that I was just processing. To be truthful, I was still a little caught up in "me" and feeling sorry for myself. I was still bummed that I didn't have bags packed to go to the ocean. I didn't share any of that with my hubby. I just told him I needed a little quiet time. After spending a little time praying, and asking God to give me a grateful heart and a mind that was focused on what this time of celebrating really was, I heard Him telling me something LOUD AND CLEAR...

This time was about celebrating our marriage, and every way that our marriage has been blessed. One of the biggest ways that our marriage has been blessed is the three little men that live with us. THEY are part of US. There will be plenty of time to celebrate with long weekends at the ocean. This year was intended to be celebrated WITH our three biggest blessings. I came out of my room and put my arms around all four of my men and proclaimed the fact that I was ecstatic about spending this year's anniversary perfectly... With some quality time out with my husband, and then with a day out with my family... doing something we all love.

God's design is ALWAYS perfect. It was a perfect weekend. Nothing could have made it any more perfect... Not even the ocean.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Letter To Colby

My sweet son,

It was eleven years ago today that I learned something big. I learned that the human heart has more capacity for love than one can even imagine. Like a lot of moms, I worried when I was pregnant. I worried about getting you here safely. I worried about how I would be mom to two. I worried too much. I remember looking at your big brother (who was then just two years old) and thinking, "I love this boy so much! My heart feels FULL of love for him, how can it get any fuller?" I have only two words to share about that... God knew.

God knew that as I carried you, my heart was beginning to expand. God knew that when they placed you on my chest for the first time, and I saw your precious face, my heart would suddenly have this gaping hole that I previously knew nothing about... filled by my love for you. God knew about you, and He knew that the love that you would bring into our lives would even be different than what we had already experienced with Luke.

From the beginning you had your own uniqueness. You were a quiet baby, loving to be snuggled, but also longing for your own alone time too. In other words, you loved your bed and sleep (you STILL do). You always viewed eating as an option, not a necessity. If I didn't intentionally wake you and feed you on a schedule, you probably would have starved! As you grew bigger and started to accomplish things such as walking and talking, we noticed that you were quite the book scholar. You were happiest when sitting by the bookshelf pulling books off and quietly turning through the pages. We had a few favorites that you would snuggle up on the couch with and let me or dad read to you. You LOVED your big "Bruh-ber". You wanted to do everything that he was doing. In fact, your determination made most of that possible. Even now... that is something that hasn't changed much.

As an eleven year old boy now, we are starting to understand more about your unique design. You are sweet and gentle... yet strong minded and firm. God made you that way with such purpose, Colby! He has incredible plans for you. As your parents, we pray for you everyday. We pray that your purpose will only become more clear to you as you become a man. We pray that your decisions will always be guided by your Maker. We pray that the love that you have shared in our home will be shared with the world.

Happy birthday Colby! I'm thankful that on this day eleven years ago I learned about the capacity of my heart. I'm thankful that on THIS day, my heart is the fullest it has ever been with the love that I have for my three beautiful boys.

I love you...


Monday, September 20, 2010

Slow To Speak

~ Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. ~
Psalm 4:4

Oh, how I pray that someday I will BE this scripture! God hands me challenges to strengthen me in this area. He tries and tries to refine my quiet spirit. With each opportunity to practice being quiet, I get a little closer, but still I am so far away.

Today, I am in prayer about being slow to speak. Well, slow in speaking with others... quick in speaking to God. In Him I find peace and rest, and the "need" to speak with others (which isn't actually a NEED, is it?) diminishes. I opened my devotional a day too late last week. If I would have opened it on the day when I was in need of being reminded, this is what I would have read...

'Rest in Me. When tired nature rebels, it is her call for rest. Rest then until My life-power flows through you. Have no fear for the future. Be quiet, be still, and in that very stillness your strength will come and will be maintained. The world sees strength in action. In My kingdom it is known that strength lies in quiet. In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

Rest in Me.'

I LOVE THIS DEVOTIONAL!!! It speaks such truth, and when I read the words upon each page, I can actually hear the spirit's voice whispering these words of truth and love. I open it almost every day, and on the days that I don't, WOW... do I wish I would have!!

God, teach me to be quiet. Instruct me on finding stillness in the moments, and reward me with your strength and confidence in knowing who You are and what You are capable of.

Monday, September 13, 2010

More of the Story...

Beautiful Tahoe

We've been back for nearly a month now, but I have had a pretty severe case of "writer's block" when thinking about what to write about our trip to Tahoe last month. The pictures tell everything, really. I think I'll let them do the storytelling this time...