Monday, November 23, 2009

Men of Few Words

Yeah, like any of you actually believe that one... right? My three little men are NOT of few words. They ALWAYS have something to say. I used to keep a little journal to write down some of the funny and heart felt things they would say. Now, I try to jot them down here instead. It seems they have had a lot to say lately.

It must be because of the holidays in the air.

I was away at a meeting when the boys and their dad decided to have a talk about girls. That has become more of an "issue" this year with them being in the co-op. J asked the boys if they had their eyes on any girls, and they all snickered.

Caleb: "Ya... I like Maddie. She's nice and she helps me with my math sometimes."

Colby: "Ummm... I have two." WHAT?????

Lucas: With a big 12 year old smile, "Yes, but I'm not going to share".

So, J takes this opportunity to talk to them about what's important to look for in a girl. He mentions a few things and then Caleb shouts out...

"I know what kind of girl NOT to like! Remember those girls in the parking lot at the park last summer? They were talking really bad and lighting fireworks, remember? Those kinds of girls aren't good ones for me, right?"

Right on, Caleb.

They go on talking about how it's important to know if the one you like loves Jesus and makes church a part of their lives. Then it's Colby's turn to pipe in...

"Dad, what if BOTH girls love Jesus AND go to church?" UGH!

I'm sure there will be more to share on this topic through the years.

We were in San Francisco last week for a field trip. It was a great day. After being educated, we went to a beach to explore. We found this old beach called Old Bathhouse Ruins. It was the site of an old Bathhouse and the building mostly washed away, but there was still the lower portion of the old cement building left for the boys to explore through. They were SOoooo excited to run through the building, jumping over the walls and peeking their heads through the windows. After doing this for awhile, Caleb came to us and said, "Mom, dad, there are girls with beards in one of those rooms." Okay, so we ARE in San Fran where ANYTHING is possible. We gathered the boys and continued our exploring. J said that he saw the "girls with beards" and one of them was actually a guy with long hair, but the other one could not be confirmed. Like I said... anything is possible.

Yesterday the boys were talking about going to see Santa at the mall. Our younger two are still really into this. Surprising, I know. Anyhow, I told them that I had heard a rumor that Santa at the mall was wearing latex gloves this year. Apparently, the cotton ones that he usually wears aren't acceptable because H1N1 germs have been known to stick to cotton gloves and be transfered kid to kid. Ummm, not sure about that one, but who am I to judge.


So, I told them maybe we would go somewhere else to talk to Santa and get pictures. Colby almost hyper-ventilated. He informed us that we simply couldn't do that because if he gave his list to any other Santa but the one at the mall, he would be robbed of everything on his list. He went on to give us examples of when a friend of his saw another santa and he gave him his list, but got totally different stuff than what he asked for.

So, I guess latex it is. Just to play it safe for Colby. :0)

Lots of words. My little men are NOT men of few words. They keep me giggling ALL THE TIME.... and it only gets better each year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

** PS. The song now playing is the one I referred to a couple of weeks ago. All three of the boys have it memorized now. Hearing them sing it is the equivalent of hearing a two year old sing "Jesus Loves Me". SO SWEET!

Friday, November 13, 2009

True Love

I love these boys! All four of them bring joy to my heart daily, and I'm so grateful to be blessed by their lives continuously...

** Note: The collar around Copper's mouth is NOT a muzzell! It's called a gentle leader, and for anyone out there looking for a FANTASTIC way to train your dog to walk beside you instead of pulling you, it's a great tool! :0)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cleaning House

Do you ever feel like the Lord is just cleaning house inside the depths of your soul? Like He's reaching into ALL the crevices and removing every cob web?

I do.

Lately, I've been feeling that a LOT. I posted here a few weeks ago about how I felt like God was preparing me for some changes. I'm still totally unsure of what those changes are. I still feel COMPLETELY in the dark. I trust Him though. I trust him with my life.

The past couple of weeks, more than anything, I have felt like God was just cleaning house. He's doing the work that needs to be done inside of me before giving me MORE work that needs to be done around me.

Cleaning house is a hard thing though. It's dirty work. Letting go of past hurts and things that have made me down right angry isn't something that comes easy to me. Surrendering those things is what He wants from me, and I know in the end the burdens on my shoulder will be much lighter. It's true what they say you know... "It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile".

So smile... I will. Frown... I won't. Today I'm actually feeling excited about this house cleaning. I'm expecting to hear God's voice whispering in my ear all along... assuring me.

I am His and He is mine.