Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Boundaries

Something struck me hard this weekend.

Once again, it wasn't an idea that came brand new to me. However, it's an idea that for some crazy reason doesn't stay with me for long periods of time.

God has no boundaries. There is nothing too big or too small for him. Nothing outrageously difficult... or silly. His hand is upon things that we have forgotten about, or maybe even just given up on. He hasn't forgotten, and He most definitely DOES NOT give up on anything!

I find it absolutely amazing when God shows me proof of this. Not that I need proof of His existence, or what He is capable of. It's just... SO. GOOSEBUMPISHLY (I know, not a word) COOL! Can I just share with you some details?

There is this family that J and I have been praying for. They are a really neat family. They are good people. They don't know Jesus. It breaks my heart because I happen to be extremely attached to their sweet little two year old girl. She is the little one that I have watched three days a week since she was two months old. Their older son is Luke's age and he has been a big part of us for a long time too. Now that this little girl is old enough to talk and sing, we have taught her songs like 'Jesus Loves Me'. Hearing her sing about Jesus and hearing the boys tell her stories of Jesus and His love for her makes me want to cry. I want to cry because I wonder if she will grow up really knowing about God's love for her. I honestly don't even know what that would feel like. Anyhow, we had the most awesome opportunity to take both she and her brother to church with us last Sunday. We have asked their parents many times, but there has always been a reason why it wouldn't work. This time... they said "Yes". This past Sunday, a friend at church approached me and told me that she had biked with their dad that day. Coincidental? I don't think so. God is actively at work... even though I had almost given up. He never had, and all this time He has been there. I know He will continue to be, and in my heart I feel that sweet little Keirrah WILL know of her Savior's love for her. She will sing the words of 'Jesus Loves Me' and know what it means!

Another example? There is another family that we have known for many years. We have had more than our fair share of difficulties with our relationship. There have been some pretty rocky roads for us where forgiveness has been HUGE. I think we have all thought that we had forgiven each other, but we hadn't really lived it out until... this weekend. I realized how important it is not to just forgive someone, but to exemplify forgiveness in our actions and our words. This family that I speak of had dinner with us in our house this weekend, and it wasn't until they left that night that I realized how big it was that they were here... in our house. I talked with her later and told her (through many tears) how amazed I was at how God works in our lives. I told her how I stood in my living room for a good 15 minutes after they left almost in dis-belief. I am amazed at even concerning something that I thought I could just forget about, God had something so much bigger in mind. He had complete restoration in mind.

There are no boundaries for my God. He reminded me of that this weekend. He takes care of the details... even the ones that I'm tempted to give up on or forget about. I'm so overwhelmed with these thoughts.... so grateful.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Worth of a Dandelion

Today I am flooded with memories of dandelions. I know to a lot of people, they are considered just a weed. To me... they are beauty. They are beauty because of the worth that they hold in my heart. I dug through my bookshelves this morning and found my old handwritten journals. I have many. I have kept a journal all of my life. I went digging for them because I wanted to go back to an old entry that I had written about dandelions. I thought I'd share....

June 2nd, 2003 (The boys were 6,4 and 2)

One of the fondest memories I'll ever have of being a mommy is receiving hand picked dandelions from my boys. I'm not sure when or how it started, but with each new spring's crop of fresh dandelions, the first thing Lucas, Colby and now Caleb do when we go outside is run to pick the best one they can find. They bring it to me and watch me as I tuck it behind my ear. Almost always they smile and say something really sweet. I don't think my eyes will ever stay dry... no matter how long this goes on. Today Caleb was picking them and trying to put them in my hair for me. Of course, I ended up with an ear full of dandelions, but it was so incredibly sweet. Sometimes I wonder if they will ever just stop this beautiful act. Will they ever feel they are too old to pick flowers for mama's hair? I hope not. I hope they will always feel how very special it makes me feel. I hope they will always know how much I love being their mommy! I am so blessed to have these beautiful boys. They bring me such joy and contentment beyond measure. Thank you, Jesus for being so good to me and for honoring my deepest desires to be who I am today... a very proud mommy of three.

I wrote this in my journal almost 7 years ago. Our front yard was infested with dandelions then, and they continue to make their appearance every year starting right about now. Seven years ago, I had vases full of dandelions inside the house too. The ones that they would pick for my hair would be put in water when we came inside. Today, there are no vases of dandelions sitting on my kitchen window sill. I have the memories in my heart though... and they are very fresh today. It seems the boys have become older. They find "big guy" ways of expressing their love and adoration for me. Things like sharing baseball stats and laughing over bad plays. Things like showing me what kind of "original" contraptions they have made out of scrap wood and miscellaneous "things" lying about. Dandelions are just another weed in the grass to them now, but to me... they are precious memories. They are worth more than a thousand words. ~

Monday, April 5, 2010

Today is The Day!

With a title like that... it almost makes ya' think that I have some HUGE announcement to make, right? It might not be what you think, but in my mind, it is huge. Read on if you're intrigued...

Today is the day that my house if full of children. Boys are home for spring break and little Keirrah is with us today. The house is cozy with the sounds of playfulness and creativity.

Today is the day my house is oozing with sugar! I don't know about you, but I could really do without seeing another jelly bean or peep for a LONG TIME.

Today is the day that my laundry room has a constant hummmmm flowing through it's doors.

Today is the day that I can take a moment to reflect upon all the emotions that this weekend brought....

Friday was J's birthday, and it was also Good Friday. We had a light dinner before heading off to church that night. Our church service was one of the BEST church services we have ever been to. The worship was incredible, the messages spoken were undeniably God's words being poured out from men who have dedicated their lives to doing so. We even had an artist who created this amazing painting on a large canvas during our service. It was very moving... very emotional. At the end of day, J was so blessed by it all being ON his birthday. What a gift!

Sunday morning we got up and enjoyed a family brunch together here at home. We read out of the book of Matthew and had some great discussions with our boys about what Jesus' resurrection means for them. I absolutely LOVE these talks that we have these days. I loved the veggietales days too, but these are the days that bring tears to my eyes. After breakfast, I assigned the boys to stuff some eggs for us to take to my grandparents. They sat at the table and stuffed while singing loudly to David Crowder Band. WOW... yet another love of mine. As I listened to them from the kitchen, I had to stop when 'How He Loves Me' came through the speakers. What a perfect "non-traditional" Easter song. My God loves ME so much that He sent His son to endure and overcome such a horrible death. It is sad to me that I can't ALWAYS remember the exact words that were shared this weekend regarding what Jesus TRULY endured for me. My husband put it into such great words. When we were talking about the details of the resurrection... the awful, painful details, J said that so often we romanticize what Christ did for us. In truth, there was NOTHING romantic about it! It was an awful, gruesome death. It was the worst kind of death.

I was reminded again of just what the song says... "Just how beautiful He is and how great His affection is for me".

Love doesn't get any greater!

Today is the day that I make a promise to myself to remember this daily. I want to share it daily.... with my children, with the people that I am surrounded by, even those that may be reading this that I can't put any face to. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves YOU...

His love indeed IS like a hurricane.