Monday, April 5, 2010

Today is The Day!

With a title like that... it almost makes ya' think that I have some HUGE announcement to make, right? It might not be what you think, but in my mind, it is huge. Read on if you're intrigued...

Today is the day that my house if full of children. Boys are home for spring break and little Keirrah is with us today. The house is cozy with the sounds of playfulness and creativity.

Today is the day my house is oozing with sugar! I don't know about you, but I could really do without seeing another jelly bean or peep for a LONG TIME.

Today is the day that my laundry room has a constant hummmmm flowing through it's doors.

Today is the day that I can take a moment to reflect upon all the emotions that this weekend brought....

Friday was J's birthday, and it was also Good Friday. We had a light dinner before heading off to church that night. Our church service was one of the BEST church services we have ever been to. The worship was incredible, the messages spoken were undeniably God's words being poured out from men who have dedicated their lives to doing so. We even had an artist who created this amazing painting on a large canvas during our service. It was very moving... very emotional. At the end of day, J was so blessed by it all being ON his birthday. What a gift!

Sunday morning we got up and enjoyed a family brunch together here at home. We read out of the book of Matthew and had some great discussions with our boys about what Jesus' resurrection means for them. I absolutely LOVE these talks that we have these days. I loved the veggietales days too, but these are the days that bring tears to my eyes. After breakfast, I assigned the boys to stuff some eggs for us to take to my grandparents. They sat at the table and stuffed while singing loudly to David Crowder Band. WOW... yet another love of mine. As I listened to them from the kitchen, I had to stop when 'How He Loves Me' came through the speakers. What a perfect "non-traditional" Easter song. My God loves ME so much that He sent His son to endure and overcome such a horrible death. It is sad to me that I can't ALWAYS remember the exact words that were shared this weekend regarding what Jesus TRULY endured for me. My husband put it into such great words. When we were talking about the details of the resurrection... the awful, painful details, J said that so often we romanticize what Christ did for us. In truth, there was NOTHING romantic about it! It was an awful, gruesome death. It was the worst kind of death.

I was reminded again of just what the song says... "Just how beautiful He is and how great His affection is for me".

Love doesn't get any greater!

Today is the day that I make a promise to myself to remember this daily. I want to share it daily.... with my children, with the people that I am surrounded by, even those that may be reading this that I can't put any face to. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves YOU...

His love indeed IS like a hurricane.


Holbrook Happenings said...

Love you Tami! Enjoy your week with the boys. Swet words of Hope and Life...thanks for sharing :0)

Holbrook Happenings said...

Oops...that would be "sweet!"

much ado about nothing... said...

this was just lovely and i could feel myself celebrating the goodness of God right along with you!