Monday, April 19, 2010

The Worth of a Dandelion

Today I am flooded with memories of dandelions. I know to a lot of people, they are considered just a weed. To me... they are beauty. They are beauty because of the worth that they hold in my heart. I dug through my bookshelves this morning and found my old handwritten journals. I have many. I have kept a journal all of my life. I went digging for them because I wanted to go back to an old entry that I had written about dandelions. I thought I'd share....

June 2nd, 2003 (The boys were 6,4 and 2)

One of the fondest memories I'll ever have of being a mommy is receiving hand picked dandelions from my boys. I'm not sure when or how it started, but with each new spring's crop of fresh dandelions, the first thing Lucas, Colby and now Caleb do when we go outside is run to pick the best one they can find. They bring it to me and watch me as I tuck it behind my ear. Almost always they smile and say something really sweet. I don't think my eyes will ever stay dry... no matter how long this goes on. Today Caleb was picking them and trying to put them in my hair for me. Of course, I ended up with an ear full of dandelions, but it was so incredibly sweet. Sometimes I wonder if they will ever just stop this beautiful act. Will they ever feel they are too old to pick flowers for mama's hair? I hope not. I hope they will always feel how very special it makes me feel. I hope they will always know how much I love being their mommy! I am so blessed to have these beautiful boys. They bring me such joy and contentment beyond measure. Thank you, Jesus for being so good to me and for honoring my deepest desires to be who I am today... a very proud mommy of three.

I wrote this in my journal almost 7 years ago. Our front yard was infested with dandelions then, and they continue to make their appearance every year starting right about now. Seven years ago, I had vases full of dandelions inside the house too. The ones that they would pick for my hair would be put in water when we came inside. Today, there are no vases of dandelions sitting on my kitchen window sill. I have the memories in my heart though... and they are very fresh today. It seems the boys have become older. They find "big guy" ways of expressing their love and adoration for me. Things like sharing baseball stats and laughing over bad plays. Things like showing me what kind of "original" contraptions they have made out of scrap wood and miscellaneous "things" lying about. Dandelions are just another weed in the grass to them now, but to me... they are precious memories. They are worth more than a thousand words. ~


Holbrook Family said...

Wow...can't believe Silas gave you that Lilac today ...see, they still bring us flowers :0)
I asked him what prompted him to do that after you guys left and he said, "I just thought she needed a flower today mom." I wish I were so attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Love you Tam.

Alexis said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Nathan is just now at the age where he brings me flowers picked from the yard (sometimes ones I'd prefer stay in the ground)...some being dandelions. He usually takes them right back after handing them to be though. What a sweet memory to have of your boys and how nice that you wrote down how you were feeling about it in the moment! Journaling is such a special part of being a Mommy.

Kate E. said...

Such a beautiful post! I have 3 little boys who bring me dandelions, too, and for that reason, I smile whenever I see them raising their little yellow heads up to the sun. They also love to blow the 'grandaddy' ones to make new flowers for next year....So here's to our boys and lots more dandelions! :)

M Hastings said...

How lovely!!! XD