Saturday, March 27, 2010

He Takes "Keep Your Eye On The Ball" SERIOUSLY!

Here are a couple of updated photos. As you can see, he has developed a sense of humor about it.
We had a game last night. Well, long story, but it wasn't truly OUR game (as in our normal team). Another team was down two players, so they called us Thursday night and asked if they could "borrow" Luke for their game. Anyhow, we had a game last night. Except...

We didn't play.

Lucas didn't play anyhow. During the pre-game warm ups, he took an in-field ball hop right in the eye. OUCH! So...

They had a game last night.

We had a FIVE HOUR emergency room visit instead. He's fine. No broken bones. Just a very sore and gruesome looking eye for a couple of weeks. With any luck, it will be healed up before team pictures on the 17th.