Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boy Stuff

I love to write what's on my heart, and it seems I do mostly that. It's been a long time since I wrote a post about the boys and what's going on in their lives though, so I think it's time.

Lucas continues to inspire me. He is growing up so fast and becoming an amazing young man who loves Jesus and desires to please Him. His passions are baseball and playing guitar. This past weekend he asked to talk to me after church. We went in his room and he proceeded to tell me that he felt like God has been telling him to use his talents in ways he hasn't before. He wants to play guitar with our worship team at church! Talk about bringing tears to a mother's eyes... He told me that he would like to talk to our music pastor himself about it. Wow... he's so grown up. How did that happen?

Colby is making us all proud too. He struggled a little bit with his grades during the first semester this year. It wasn't because his academics weren't there though. It was because he was enjoying the social life too much. After LOTS of talks and many weekends of being grounded, he finally came to us and said that he knew could do better, and that he would try harder. He has done a MARVELOUS job of improving! There's simply nothing sweeter than having your child come to you, admit his/her faults, praying about how to make the changes, and then seeing the change take place. He also came to us and told us that he wanted to read the bible front to back this year. He has been reading and I have so treasured the discussion times that we share about God's word.

Caleb can't wait to start swim team this summer! He opted out of baseball this year because in his words, he wanted to "save his energy for swim team". He continues to be a leader in his class, both academically and socially. He LOVES to help me with the little girl that I watch when he's home. He and Keirrah have the sweetest relationship. They pal around like best buddies and when Caleb isn't home, she misses him so much. It's been good for Caleb to experience being a big brother (part time, of course). Caleb still loves to snuggle with mom, which is good for a mommy's heart. It's hard as they all get older and become more independent! I've noticed where they need less of me, and more of their dad, but at the end of the day... Caleb is asking his mama to snuggle on the couch. Mmmmmm.... Love that!

I love these boys. They all inspire me and challenge me to be the best mom that I can be. To be the woman that God created me to be. They are miracles... each one of them. My heart smiles because of them. ~


Talysa said...

I couldn't fin your email so I'm posting here...sorry! :-)

Thanks so much for the great advice on my kitchen! I have decided to go with a creamy white and glaze the corners and such with a chocolate color. And I too was thinking a yellow. But I may go with a more golden color. I certainly don't need anything boosting my appetite! ;-) I had a yellow kitchen once...that explains a lot. :-) Our painter is supposed to be coming 2nd week in April...I will be sure to post pics.

Dad said...

I remember those talks with Lucas' mommy that used to bring tears to my eyes as well. Tami, you do have 3 wonderful boys (4 counting Jason) that should bring joy to your heart.

Anonymous said...

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Lexi said...

Hi! I'm Lexi, and I happened to randomly find your blog, so I read a couple of your posts (that sounds sort of creepy now that I think about it...). Anyways, it's easy to tell you are a very loving and devoted mother, the kind of mother I hope to be someday. It was really nice reading your stories! Have a wonderful day!