Monday, March 8, 2010

New Things

Life changes all the time. What seems the impossible at one time becomes reality in a New York minute. A few years ago (maybe even just a year ago...okay, maybe it was just a week ago) I never would have pictured myself going even a short distance away from my family for five nights. In less than 48 hours though... I'm boarding a plane and flying half way across the U.S. for FIVE NIGHTS. EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!

So, I'm asking for prayer. I'm asking that people pray for me and my anxious heart. I know my boys will all be fine. They will actually DIG all the guy time. They will probably overdose on junk food and not get NEARLY enough sleep as what they need, but they will be fine. I, on the other hand, will be missing them ALL.



I'm excited about seeing my girl friend get married. I have prayed for her and "Mr. Right" for many years, so it will be absolutely AMAZING to get to meet this person that I've prayed for. I will see his face, and become familiar with who he is. I will witness a different kind of happiness in my friend. I will get to see the moment that her life changes... forever. I AM happy about that. I'm blessed to have the means to go be a part of this. I get that.

I'm self admittedly NOT good about new things like this though. I've made that clear on numerous occasions. Just like every other time that I've mentioned it though... I know that this is an area that God finds different ways to challenge me. This is pretty big, so I think I'll get it after this.... hint, hint.... no more challenges like this for awhile... PLEASE!

Thanks for your thoughtful prayers, friends.


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Tami said...

Okay everyone... Until I have time (upon my return, most likely) to figure out HOW to delete comments... this one will have to stay. I hope you all know me well enough to know that I DO NOT sell Viagra... online or otherwise!

Ali said...


What a fun trip for you. Hope that you have fun being with your girlfriend and meeting her beau.

Looking forward to hearing about your adventure. Have a great time.

Alexis said...

Tami- If you are signed in, you should be able to click on the "comments" link and see a small trash can in the lower left hand corner below each comment. Should be easy from there.

Hope you have a fabulous time away and that those boys of yours realize how much they appreciate you when you return. I will be praying for a peace in your heart to not miss them too terribly.

Dave Sargeant said...

Am already praying for you and your family Tami. How wonderful for your friend and to see your prayers answered for her, them.