Monday, May 12, 2008

Laughter is mine...

Many times I am stopped in the grocery store, doctor's office, park... wherever... and asked "Wow... three boys! Are they all yours?" I'm always so floored by this question! How brave of a stranger to ask such a thing! After answering their question with a proud "Yes", they always seem to end up with the same look on their faces... pure exhaustion. They go on and on about how busy my life must be and how dirty and loud my house must be. It's funny how most of the time, the thought (for many) of having three boys doesn't bring about positive thoughts, but negative ones instead. I couldn't be ANY happier though! I love my three boys so much. They make me smile, they keep me young... they make me laugh!

My house IS loud, it isn't clean all the time, but it isn't necessarily dirty, and it is most definitely BUSY! I wouldn't have it any other way though. I know someday the noise will be gone and I probably won't be able to sleep anymore. The smudges on the windows will only be made by whatever pet we have at the time and my schedule will be wide open... YUCK!

Jason asked me yesterday what it felt like to celebrate my eleventh Mother's Day. I simply told him... "It's my favorite holiday. I get to celebrate the one thing that I always wanted to be."

I love being a mom. I love the fact that life is never boring. I love that above all else... in spite of life's little tornadoes that get sent your way sometimes... laughter is always mine.

Ways in which my boys have made me laugh lately...

1. Seeing Colby outside doing the watering with nothing on but a pair of swim trunks and cowboy boots. Apparently, the hose has a little leak and it gets him wet. This was his way of preparing for this.

2. When talking about how he LOVES baseball, Lucas was trying to convince his brothers that EVERY boy has a ball and bat because baseball is the most loved sport. At the end of his speech, he added "Oh, except for the kids in Africa. Maybe we should do something about that."

3. Walking through Bath & Body Works with my three boys is such a "treat". Recently though, I couldn't figure out why all of these girls who work there were smiling at me with a different kind of smile. When we walked out, Lucas and Colby informed me that Caleb was winking at all the girls AND blowing kisses! UGH... I probably won't be laughing at this one a few years from now.


Julie Grace said...

I miss those boys! I gotta say, I did laugh a lot with you guys! So, call me back...I miss my friend!



Darcy said...

Hey Mrs. Gray! Thanks for the reminder and support for so many women, including myself who just get in a rut. We take for granted what we have. Your blog is a blessing.