Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An All-Star eleven year old ~

This week (Monday to be exact) I became the mom of an eleven year old. I'm not sure yet how I truly feel about this, except for the fact that I feel a little older myself. We have been making the transition for awhile now, but it almost seems that Lucas has officially received his "license" to be a pre-teen now that his birthday has come and gone. UGH... here we go!

Luke is such a sweet boy... he always has been. His name means "the light" and that's exactly the way I've felt about him since the day he came into our lives. His heart is made up of everything good. His smile and laugh are contagious. Yes, I love this son of mine.

Lucas made the baseball All-Star team again this summer. At first, I was a proud mama, but also a little bummed out since this would mean that our summer season would be short since there are practices to get him to EVERY day. Today though, I've had a change of heart. He's an eleven year old boy whose favorite thing to do is play baseball. He loves to be with his friends. He's starting to make that separation from family. It's sad... yet I know it comes with this territory. It's hard to be a mom at this stage of "the game". I look at him and I can still see this little bundle that I held in my arms. The bundle that made my dreams reality. I can also see a young man though. A young man who loves Jesus.

So... I pray.

I pray that he continues to grow and develop spiritually. I pray that he always knows how beautiful he is from the inside out. I pray that he always recognizes that this beauty comes from his maker... the one who loves him most. I pray that he seeks out God's plan for his life continually and that his life will be used in mighty ways. I pray for his physical protection as well as the protection of his heart.

I am a mother who is so proud of her boys. I have prayed since the day they were born that I would be the kind of mother that wouldn't hold her children back from life based on my own selfish needs. I think I'm doing an okay job... even when it gets pretty hard to watch them begin to spread their wings. What makes it easier is knowing that I can't experience the proud moments if I hold them back. Those moments are special and priceless to me.

Congratulations Luke... "You're the best Lucas in the whole wide world!"


T said...

Yes. Lucas, you are indeed the bestest Lucas in the whole wide world. I am so proud of you, and proud to be your auntie!! You truly are a light. Don't ever let that light burn out! Happy birthday, Bub. I love you more than you'll ever know!

Bob Sweat said...

Papa is proud of you! I am going to try and make it to one of your games. I love you, Colby, Caleb, mommy, and daddy!

Darcy said...

LUKE!!!!! Great for you!!! Happy Birthday....thanks for being so kind and gentle with my boys when we came to your home. Proud of you!