Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She's Coming Home SOON!

This post is for my little sister who will be home for Christmas in 14 DAYS!!!! I'm so excited! :0) She's been gone since August, but it has seemed like a whole lot longer. I can't wait for the opportunity to just hang out together and share some special "girl times". I know she's enjoying herself out there in Philly, but we've sure missed her here at home. On the days when I'm not whining about missing her, the boys are all whining about it.

Auntie... we can't wait to see you and deliver LOTS of big hugs in person. We love you!


partyoffivetn said...

Yippee!! I am so happy for you!

Talysa said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by! I too have a little sister...9 years younger...and I have a hard time not s"mothering" her. :-) You have a beautiful family...and I love your post about being true and a great reminder! Love your header by the way!

T said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited to give you all hugs, too! You're right, I am having a great time out here, but there is no place like home... Can't wait to see you!