Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missing Them

Trying something new again...

For the first time since becoming a mom 14 years ago, I am without my crew. A little over a year ago, I left them to be a part of my best friend's wedding. Today they left me behind to attend a three day "Boy's Fest" in San Francisco.

They are catching two major league baseball games.

I am painting living room walls.

They are tailgating with the guys.

I am enjoying a quiet dinner with just my mom.

They are sleeping in sleeping bags inside a church in the city.

I am sleeping with two dogs.

They are being boys.

I am being a busy mom with a mission to check things off my list!

I am missing all of my boys tonight, but I'm so happy that J and the boys are getting this great opportunity! They are with a great group of guys (young and not AS young) that are like family to us. The memories that they are making are ones that will be legendary... I can feel it in my bones!

When they get back, we will be taking off for our summer adventure... A drive to Utah and the Grand Canyon. More legendary memories! Mmmmm... Summer is so sweet. So thankful for the gift of enjoying the season, my family and ALL that God has in mind for the five of us.

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The Estrogen Factory said...

Tami - your posts are always so inspiring! I can't wait for Chase and the new one to get old enough to do some boy bonding with their daddy. Sounds like so much fun for your "boys" to all be together creating such great memories.

You will LOVE southern Utah. It's gorgeous. We've never been to the Grand Canyon. Some day!!! If you happen to swing through our area, let us know. We'll take you to eat! I'd cook, but that would not make you as happy. Turns out I'm nothing like my mom in the kitchen:) Love you guys!!!!