Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers Day is right around the corner. Mothers Day is a favorite of mine, and it's not for reasons that you might expect. For some moms, Mothers Day is about relaxing and being spoiled. I don't see anything wrong with that. For me though, it's different. I like being spoiled just as any other does, but on THIS day, it almost doesn't make sense to me. Mothers Day for me is about me having the desires of my heart fulfilled. It's about celebrating the awesome title God has given me as being a mom. I GET to be mom to these three boys here, and someday I will meet again with my two precious sons in heaven. Being a mom is a privilege... An honor not to be taken lightly. So, on Mothers day I only think it makes sense to pour myself into my children as much as any other day.

This year the boys are treating me to a day at the beach! The new kites are sitting on the dining room table as I type. The sunscreen is packed in the beach bag. The weather promises to be perfect! There's a little place called 'Lucas Wharf Restaurant' that we've frequented for many years (for reason being our oldest's name, of course) where we will dine in the sunshine. The chowder and sourdough bread there (oops... guess I'll have to leave gluten free behind for a day) beckon my taste buds. J and I will sit on a blanket and sink our toes into the cool sand while we watch the creativity of our boys explode! The beach has always been a place where they have felt free to be... ANYTHING. Watching them play has and always will be a favorite past time for me.

It's a perfectly planned day. No other ingredients needed. Mothers Day at it's very finest.

Happy Mothers Day to all of my "bloggy gals" out there... I hope you end your day feeling like you've celebrated the joy and honor of being mom.

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