Sunday, August 26, 2012

All Wrapped Up in One!

Awhile back I posted that there was much to write, but not enough time to write it. I listed a few things that I wanted to record here on these pages. I intended on writing separate posts for each thought. This afternoon as I have spent some quiet moments at home while the boys are all out movie-going, I have discovered that really.... All of these things are all wrapped up in one thought.

The provision, grace, goodness and love of a Mighty God!

In the midst of the summer heat we moved. It was a quick and what I would even consider easy move because of the help of many. Our family was gifted with much help. Several of our junior and senior high youth "groupsters" came and carried box after box. They lifted heavy furniture up a very steep and long driveway. They were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I have loved them all dearly for a long time, and now that love goes deeper.

Six days after our move we left for our Northwestern vacation. We traveled almost 2000 miles in six days. We made it all the way up to Canada and we saw some beautiful things! This vacation wasn't one of relaxation, but we knew that it really wouldn't be. There was much to see and do. We visited friends and family, we went crabbing with Uncle B out near the San Juan Islands, we drove into new countries, and we even managed to attend a Yankees game in Seattle! It was quite the trip...

Back home to what I affectionately call our "Sweet Home on a Big Hill." I have spent the past few weeks simply amazed every morning that I wake up in such a place. I travel to our bay window in the living room every morning and look out. I look out at the tops of every kind of native tree and beyond that I see the big blue lake. The canyon wraps around all of it and I believe it could possibly be the most beautiful sight to look at... And I have the privilege of seeing it every day! It's the view that I see outwardly that reminds me to look at the view within my own heart. Am I expressing my gratitude? Am I reminding others of God's faithfulness and the fact that He DOES NOT leave us? Am I careful not to forget that He could still lead us somewhere else and leave this beautiful view behind as only a sweet memory? Yes, I want the view on the inside to be just as lovely and breathtaking as the view I never take for granted from my living room window. Lord, continue to work in this heart of mine.

School started recently too. Boys and I are all getting back into our routines. Routine is good. As we enter into routine though, I strive to not let the moments pass by too quickly. I jot down my gratitude. I drink everything in. Last night the boys slept on the deck. All five of us cozied up under the stars before saying our good-nights and we gazed up at such a sky! It's hard to look into the night sky without feeling and KNOWING just how BIG our God is... Without knowing what HE is capable of! We chatted and laughed and as we did all of it, I lied there literally soaking it all in. Moments like those are fewer these days with everything going on (especially in the life of a sophomore). I knew it might be awhile before we had another one like it.

Finally, my best friend from high school gave birth to her firstborn this weekend. I received a picture of her and the baby and I stared at it for the longest time. I stared because God is SO good! The desires of my friend's heart were not left unfulfilled. Did it all happen exactly how she (or I.... we were "supposed" to do this child birth thing together) had planned it? No. It did, however happen in God's perfect timing, and she and her husband couldn't have asked for a more perfect gift! He's beautiful!!

As I sit in my perfectly quiet home tonight, with nut breads in the oven and a cool breeze floating in through my windows I can't help but feel God's provision, grace, goodness, and mighty works. He never stops amazing me. He always keeps me counting these gifts. He constantly reminds me of all the ways He is working within the depths of this soul.

Grateful. Always.


Mom RS said...

Ah, the sweet sweet breath of Jesus :)

Anonymous said...

I have not been able to keep up on your life, but I was thinking of you lots this morning. That is so beautiful that you have a view of the canyon. A kiss from God! The last blog I read - you were in quite the "dumpy" house that was falling apart, but I love your insight in that one and how it brought you closer as a family. In our personal journey (bankruptcy) it was not an experience I would ever want to walk through again, but I can say one thing in losing everything and starting over....we realized that family was the most important thing we valued. And as we healed, I yearned to be back in the mountains and get back to my roots. To be in God's beautiful country is another thing I learned to value even more. If I gain the whole world, but lose my soul...I profit nothing. I am so happy the process and journey that God has taken you on. I understand and appreciate it because of our own personal journey. -Stephanie Wahlberg