Sunday, March 30, 2008

We need your prayers

It's been a long while since I've updated here. So much of the time I think to myself, "I'd really like to update my blog." As most of you know though, time gets away from us, there's always such a LONG list of other things that NEED to be done, so updating the blog gets shoved aside. Tonight though, I can honestly say that updating the blog is necessary!
We are preparing to put our house on the market once again. We took it off during the holidays. During that time, we refurbished our kitchen cabinets and got new kitchen countertops. The kitchen now looks absolutely beautiful! So, we are now taking the next step and listing it once again. Some of you know first hand how hard it can be on a family to have your house up for sale. Keeping it picked up and clean is a real chore when there are three boys living under your roof. Jason and I try not to obsess about it with the boys. We try to be encouraging and gently remind them of all the benefits that will come from moving off the hill.
The biggest thing that we need prayer about is our ability to cast all of our anxieties over this aside. To lean on Jesus and trust Him and His perfect timing. It sounds so easy, and yet it's not. We need to feel peace about God's will for our lives. We need wisdom and discernment regarding the choices that we make for our future. As I type this, I feel so blessed to know that I have friends and family to pray these things for us. Prayer makes a difference! We feel confident that prayer will make THE difference this time...

Thank you friends... you are precious to us. ~


Pam said...

We know this is a step of faith and trust for you and we WILL pray that God's hand will guide you securely. You are precious to us. Love, Pam and Allen

Darcy said...

Hey! I feel so blessed that you shared your blog and life with me. I will keep your family and housing situation in my prayers looking for our Creator to create what is best for your family.
Great pic...I love profile shots!