Sunday, April 13, 2008


It seems as though these past few months have been a whirl wind at our house! Are we moving? Where are we moving? When are we moving? We really thought we were on the right track with this whole idea of moving. It was an idea that came to us for many different reasons about a year ago. We prayed about it and moved forward with it.

This week, after meeting with a couple of realtors we have discovered that now is NOT the time! The market is even worse than we thought it was, and selling now would be a costly mistake. So... we will wait it out. But it's more than that. There has been a word that has been laid on my heart this week that just keeps resonating... contentment. God has been speaking to me about this a lot this week, and I believe even before this week. I just wasn't listening. I didn't want to listen. I was caught up in the moment of all the "to do's" to get the house on the market. I wasn't just being still in the presence of God. We actually had a teaching at church about this today. It came at a perfect time... just as it usually does. Now it is up to us to exemplify contentment with what we have. Afterall, everything we have was given to us by God. Who are we to try to change any of it in our own power?

God will bless us through HIS plan for our lives. We have been trying to pave our own road for our own "needs" instead of letting God take us down the path that he wants us to be on! I won't lie and say that learning about this news this week has been easy. It's been disappointing. However, I already have a small amount of peace in my heart (that I know will continue to grow) because of the surrendering process that has taken place here this week. I can trust Jesus... that he knows what's best for me, my husband and these three boys that I love so much.

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