Thursday, October 9, 2008

In The Potter's Hands

Last night we went to an INCREDIBLE church service!

It was a Wednesday.

It was October 8th, 2008.

It was a day that our Lord has known about since "we" came to be.

One of the many things that made this church service so incredible was the fact that it was such a last minute ordeal. A flyer landed in my hands (received from a neighbor that barely speaks to us... or even waves to us for that matter) on Tuesday night. The flyer was an announcement about a special church service being held up in town. A ministry called "Potter's Field" was the highlight. I had just heard about them from a friend just the week before. I had never heard of this ministry until just last week! The seed was planted in my head, and when the flyer landed in my hands... I knew that God was working here.

There were HUGE blessings that were received last night. Blessings that opened up a part of me that has been closed for so long. As I was sitting there just letting the Holy Spirit speak to me I was overwhelmed with a sense of being FREE! Free to love, free to forgive, free to let God be God. I literally FELT the healing that was taking place in that gymnasium last night. Not just my own healing, but the healing of many. The healing of an entire community! In past years, I have felt a little confined in this small community that we live in. It's a beautiful place, but I've just never felt like it was "home". Last night as I looked around and saw these people and as I experienced this spiritual journey WITH them, I felt like God was telling me,

"Daughter, this is your home. This is your place. Bloom here... where I have planted you."

Do you even understand how GOOD that feels? After almost eight years of living somewhere that I have been trying to get out of... I actually feel like I'm finally home. I'm on that wheel. I'm spinning 'round and 'round and God is forming me. It is only He that sees the finished product. This is only the beginning though.

This man (Mike Rozell) is a potter. He creates beauty with dirt. He takes something so plain, so simple and so gritty and molds it into an incredible piece of art. He uses this area of ministry to speak to people about how we are the clay in the "Master Potter's" hands. We are not finished when we think we are. We are a continual piece of artwork. The catch is... we have to LET HIM do His work.

I am a piece of clay. I am that big glob of gritty dirt that is everything BUT perfect. But... God sees beauty in me. He sees where I've been and He sees where I'm going.

My life is but a grain of sand here. I want to be available. i want to be open for whatever God has chosen for me... as well as what He will choose for me in the future. I want to be pliable. I do NOT want to be resistant. I want to stop the struggle that I so easily fall into whenever everyday life and the decisions we make affect me in a negative way.

I want to become something beautifully crafted by my Potter's hands.


Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh Tami,

Your words pierced thru my heart today. I so want to fee free. To be molded and formed by the Maker. But I'm afraid I must be broken first and I'm resistant to the scary place this will lead me. He reminds me that even in this scary place, He is right there with me...helping me walk thru it.

It gives me joy to know you felt freedom and an awakening in your "new" but old home. God bless you Tami.

Keep blogging...


SmallWorld at Home said...

What an incredible experience that must have been! And how freeing! You have a beautiful blog and family.

Thanks for visiting mine.

partyoffivetn said...

Hi Tami! I am so glad you found my blog! and I see you found my friend, smallworldathome also! I love to hear from other homeschool moms, and I couldn't believe you were so far away!Your blog is beautiful, and I enjoyed your post...keep popping in, I will too!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Jeremiah's account of the potter and the clay. One of the things that has blessed me is that the potter never threw away the clay, but rather started to shape it again.

Keeping writing my dear daughter!