Thursday, October 30, 2008

Something Beautiful

I've been inspired. A new "blogger friend" recently had a post where she asked the question...

"What's beautiful to you?"

After giving it much thought, I commented back on what I thought was beautiful. I don't always comment on the blogs I read. This time, I was glad that I did, because I have reflected back to these thoughts many times this week. It's easy to get caught up in the business of life, isn't it? It's even easier sometimes to let the thoughts of everything that's NOT beautiful (like my boys' bathroom) take over our brains.

I'm glad that I gave myself a few moments to think about what's beautiful in my life. God blesses us. He blesses us every day, and in ways that sometimes go unseen unless we really stop to think about it. I pray that you can find the time to stop here... think for awhile, and jot it down. Even if you've never commented before... put it out there. I can almost promise you that you'll think on it and be blessed by it for days to come.

What's beautiful to you?

Oh... I almost forgot to share with you what's beautiful to ME! To name just a few...

1. Witnessing my boys working diligently on their school work.
2. The smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning while the house is still quiet. Of course, the taste of it on my tongue too!
3. Watching my boys explore and play outside. Their creative juices work best out there. :0)

Be blessed by everything BEAUTIFUL ~


Anonymous said...

1. The smell of my newborn babies.
2. Hugs and kisses from my kids.
3. Crisp October weather.
4. The way I feel when you talk about how much you love God =)


partyoffivetn said...

Yeah! I was so excited you did this too! And I am happy I am your "blogger friend"

Anonymous said...

Okay...I have to chime in.
1. Sleeping children
2. Just "being" at the ocean
3. A day with nothing on my calendar
4. Encouraging words from a good friend
5. Giving all my worries over to God (Beautiful, when I can do it)

Love you guys and hoping we can get together soon!