Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Everything

If you've never turned the volume up while reading my blog, I would invite you to do so today. This afternoon I'm busy in the kitchen baking Easter cookies for the boys to decorate. I have my music turned up loud and I'm thoroughly enjoying this beautiful April day.

Music speaks to my heart.

It speaks loud and clear.

I don't know who really reads this blog. I know some, but not all. I know where some of you stand in your faith, and then I have no idea where others stand. Today is the day before Easter. Today, as I've been listening to some very powerful music, I have come to Jesus' knees to reflect.

Jesus shed his blood for ME! He saved me from death. I don't fear death because for me, there will be none. I will die on this earth, but I will go on to live in a much better place... with Jesus.

Jesus is my rock! He is a pillar of strength that I've found comfort in during every storm I've ever encountered. I know people that weather storms of every kind that DO NOT have Jesus as their pillar of strength, and quite honestly, I don't know how they do it! He holds me strong... He holds me up when I want to do nothing but just fall down.

Jesus hears me. He is the best listening ear a person could ask for. He is my shoulder to cry on. He takes the tears that fall from my eyes and turns each one of them into hope. He gives me hope for a better tomorrow... even if it's just something as silly as feeling overwhelmed by too much testosterone around here! :0) He finds joy in listening to me sing to Him. He longs for my words of praise and adoration.

Jesus is my everything. I will dance through this life that He has so graciously gifted me with as I thank Him everyday for the gift of His love and the privilege that it is to be able to come to Him.

I pray that you... whoever you are... whether you are strong in your faith, or not... will feel the urge to today to Come To Jesus. Come to His knees and spend some time with Him. I did, and I have felt so blessed by it.

Happy Easter!

PS. The picture above is just a crazy little taste of my next post... What did WE do during spring break?


CALEB said...

Hi friend,
He is all we need! It was really good being able to sit and talk with you today. We are such busy boy-moms and I love it when God gives us a time-out together. Thanks for being a listening ear. Enjoy that CD!
Love you much,

The Holbrook Family said...

Oops...didn't notice I was commenting under Caleb's blog name. Oh know where to find me :0)