Friday, July 17, 2009

And Now... A Word From Our Sponsor

Oh... Wait.

You say I don't have a sponsor? Oh yeah... you're right!

Well, we're taking a break anyhow.

Yep... our crew leaves for vacation on Sunday. I really shouldn't even be typing right now. I should be packing. Does it count that I can at least hear the dryer going? I have been TOTALLY uninterested in packing. I'm not sure why... I just am.

However... I AM excited about vacationing. We are taking a massive road trip up through the Pacific Northwest. I did a lot of my growing up there, so in many ways whenever we make it up for a visit, I feel a little like I'm going home. We will be staying at a resort for a couple of days... doing some fishing, hiking and relaxing. Then we'll be exploring the Puget Sound and traveling almost up to the Canadian border. WHAT FUN!! We'll be visiting friends and family and just enjoying our "together-ness".

I will have LOTS of pictures to share (the camera will NOT be M.I.A. this trip), so be sure to visit again in a couple of weeks.

Happy summer everyone...

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Papa said...

You guys are going to a region of the country that I deeply love! I pray that you will all have a great time. Hopefully the boys will learn some good tricks for catching the "big" lunkers (for those who aren't familiar with fishing, lunkers are the big fish).