Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb!

It's birthday time again. My "baby" is turning eight years old tomorrow... WOW... can't believe this.

Caleb continues to be one who brings a smile to anyone's face. His smile and laughter have always been quite contagious. Maybe it's that extra cute dimple on the side of one cheek. :0) He LOVES to help anyone who needs help. He isn't one who loves to sit. He's happiest when he's doing something... anything actually.

Caleb has done a lot of growing this year. Everywhere we go people say, "Wow... all of your boys keep growing so fast, but Caleb... he's growing DOUBLE fast." As his mom, I'm not sure that I like to think about this too much since he is my baby and all. What I DO like to think about though, is all of the other ways in which Caleb has grown this year. He accomplished so much as a first grader. He is reading comfortably and confidently. That is HUGE growth. It has given him so many freedoms that he truly enjoys. He can take almost anything (including the ridiculous non-assembled IKEA items) and read the directions himself and put it together. Let me just say, this comes in REALLY handy for a mom.

Caleb also continues to be my snuggler. He LOVES a good snuggle with mom! I think I love it more though. I keep reminding him of how much it means to me that he spends that kind of time with me, and I tell him that he'll NEVER be too old for it... no matter what anyone else tells him. Those snuggles are precious to me.

This year I'm praying these things for Caleb:

1. He starts school at a co-op this year where he'll be in class three days a week. I'm praying that he will be a leader and stand up when it is appropriate to do so, and be still when it is equally appropriate.

2. That he continues to be one who enjoys being so sweet and helpful. This is a character trait that I know God can develop in him and use for His glory.

3. For patience and diligence as he continues to learn his academics. Caleb LOVES to be outside the most. Sitting down while learning isn't something that comes easy for him. It is necessary for him to learn this skill though, and I know that with prayer, it will be something that becomes easier.

God, I am so grateful for the fact that you know this son of mine from the inside out. I thank you for Caleb and all the joy that he brings to my heart and to others around him. I thank you for your protection over his life. I pray that you continue to grow him and use him for your kingdom. I pray that you continue to guide me, as his mother in seeing the areas where he deserves praise, as well as the areas where he needs encouragement. Thank you for blessing our family with this boy for the past eight years. Because of your faithfulness, I know that the next eight years will be just as sweet.

Happy Birthday Caleb!

I love you ~

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