Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SNOW! Beautiful SNOW!

What a beautiful, memorable day we had yesterday. We knew we were supposed to get snow... but we DIDN'T think we would be getting close to TWO FEET of snow! We woke up to beauty that is totally unspeakable. It was one of those moments that you wish you could just freeze time. The boys were shrieking with joy and J and I were snuggling with a cup of coffee just enjoying our togetherness as a family. We played in it ALL DAY. We took our Christmas pictures out in it. We even hiked in it.

That's right... we packed up our backpacks and headed about a mile up the street to have lunch with friends in their cozy house. We ate yummy soup, drank hot chocolate and played some more out in the snow. They have some ROCKIN' steep hills over at their place for all of these EXTREME sport-sters.

It was a beautiful day yesterday. The kind of goodness that only God can bring to a day.


Talysa said...

Burning with jealousy here in TN... ;-)

partyoffivetn said...

OK..so your 2 feet makes our surprise 2-3 inches seem piddly...but we did get snow last Sat....and dear Talysa, I keep telling you, you live on the wrong side of the state ;)