Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And Then There Was Light!

After almost two very long weeks of cloud cover, rain, snow, wind, and more rain... the sun came out to play today, and OH MY, what a glorious day it has been!

Just yesterday I was drawing up the plans for the ark....

Today the sunshine was bright. The boys went out to play... all FOUR of them. Copper came in the house and I didn't have to light candles in every room to get rid of "wet dog" odor. There was no need to clean my windows several times today because of mud splatters.

I was spared the HUNDREDS of little men arguments over silly things because cabin fever wasn't in my house today.

God is good. He always takes care of the details... even when it's little ol' me asking for just one day of sunshine to break up all of the dismal days of rain. I hear the rain is coming back, and that's okay. I got my day... and WOW... was is it ever sweet.

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