Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have said before that I am a word person.

What does that mean?

It means that words hold a special place in my life.

Words can sometimes hold the key that unlocks my heart.

There are days when expressing myself is almost impossible. I find that my attitude is totally out of control, and basically, I just need to keep my mouth shut. But then... something happens.

With one short word or phrase, my whole day is turned around. My outlook is different. My soul is refreshed and well.

Often times, the words come in the form of scripture. Yes... We hear it all the time, and I am proof that the Good Book REALLY IS a Good Book! Sometimes the words come from a bumper sticker { remember... "Don't Postpone Joy" } and then other times, they come from my own mouth and even I am surprised! Yesterday was one of those times....

I have been caught up in a bit of a pity party lately. It hasn't been anything huge, but it's been occupying even the smallest space in my heart, and making a significant difference in my attitude. You see, I'm having trouble figuring out how I will make a home out of a rental house. I know... it sounds horrible. I should be happy to have ANY roof over my head. I'm completely aware of how SELFISH and NEEDY this sounds. I keep praying that God will just extract these thoughts from my head! I think I received my answer as to why He hasn't yet though, just yesterday...

I was talking with my sweet friend about life's situations. They are going through some hard things right now as well. She was telling me that her husband didn't sleep even a wink the night before because he was up worrying and thinking. We were co-miserating over our circumstances, and then the words came from my mouth...

It's all just a puzzle that we're not in charge of putting together.

It seems pretty basic. Not anything profound for sure. BUT...,. these words were the ones that my friend needed to hear, and I needed to hear them more probably!

Puzzles are made up of hundreds { sometimes thousands } of pieces. Each piece is just as important as the piece next to it. There is not one piece that is any more important than any other, for without even one piece.... It would be incomplete.

Our lives are the same. Each day, each set of circumstances, each tear, each moment of laughter... They are all just as important as the next or last. God knows how to put it all together. He sees the beautiful portrait that we will be in the end. He knows every detail! He knows what this next house will look like, and He knows the ways in which it will become HOME to us. That is just ONE. TINY. PIECE.

Words make a difference in me. They are like drinking that tall glass of ice water on a hot summer day.


Eric Van Patten said...

Mindful of an ancient book, that gives transending wisdom about words and how they can either heal or hurt, of which I have had my fair share of doing both. Keep THE WORD going always in the heart so out of heart the mouth will speak. James 3 in the Bible.

G. Holbrook said...

Hey birthday girl! So thankful for your precious friendship...and words ;) I am so excited to, one day, look back and see how He fit all of the pieces together to make up the stories of our lives. Thanks for leaving the great sentiments on my blog regarding my "blah". I love you much and know that if anyone can make an house a's YOU!!!! Hugs -G