Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

2010 proved to be amazing, full of lessons... interesting.

2011 is here now and I am full of excitement over what God has planned for us. It's all still a mystery, but as God continues to change my heart regarding change, I have found myself MORE excited about it and LESS anxious { cue the BIG heavy *sigh*}.

We celebrated the coming of a new year by playing in the snow! We busted out the box of gloves, coats, pants, wool socks, turtlenecks, etc. and headed out to the cold. What a fun day! By the end of it, I could no longer feel my toes, but I'm no worse for it and the boys think they have a pretty cool mom for braving the cold for as long as we did.

After defrosting for a bit, we opened up the bottle of Martinelli's and toasted the New Year while discussing some of our goals for the year. This year will be one of many changes... A move and our first high-schooler are at the top of the list. The boys had some great things to share about 2010 and some even greater things to say about 2011. They inspire me.

Praying that as you look forward to all that lies ahead in this new year that your heart will also swell with excitement over the plans that God has for you.

Happy 2011!!

** The picture of J and I appears that I have a look of PAIN. Well, if you look carefully, there is no pain involved, just a snowflake that attached itself to my upper eye lash just as the picture was taken. :0) Just sayin'...

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