Friday, December 10, 2010

Did They Know?

Did she know she would be chosen to bear the King?

Did he know that he would be by Mary's side to witness?

Did the donkey know the journey he was on this night?

DId the angels know the songs that would fill the skies?

Did the livestock know that they would be the first to see Him?

Did the wise men know how much wiser they would become?

Did Bethlehem know why His birth was to take place there?

Did the stable and that little manger know that their faces would never look the same again?

Did the people of then, and do the people of today know the significance of the love that entered the world that night?

This love so awesome... so unlike any other... With a light that shines just as the star did that very night...Such a love that saves me every day.

I stand amazed.

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