Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life Lessons From Copper

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast. Now, there are very few table foods we allow our dogs to have... Pancakes is one of them. Copper and Lucy can smell them the minute they hit the griddle! Copper obsesses with the thought of having one in his mouth the ENTIRE time I'm in the kitchen preparing them. His mouth drools, his eyes water... He can barely contain himself!

Luke decided to give him a little added gift this morning. After we were done eating our breakfast, he picked up Copper's pancake and smeared it with peanut butter. Copper did his usual "good boy" sit and stare down. I have to hand it to him... He does practice patience. Luke likes to make him wait a bit because we have been taught that it is good for a dog. It makes them appreciative and respectful of their owner.

Luke calmly put the pancake out under his tongue and told him "gennnnntle". He wanted to place the pancake peanut butter side down on his tongue so that he could get a real good taste. He allowed Copper to take the pancake.

I don't think the pancake even hit his tongue! I'm pretty sure that it went straight to the roof of his mouth, and then was pushed down his big throat BY his tongue without even so much as one single taste bud having the privilege of being inspired. WOW!

We all just laughed. He tilted his head at our laughter... Not sure about what was so funny.

Got me thinkin'.... That's what we often do. Instead of savoring the flavor, we consume in such a hurry. We have our eye on the prize. We wait patiently for the moment. We go through the torture of having the prize dangle in front of our very eyes. Then, in one little second it's here... It's gone... That's it. It's over.

Today I will savor this moment. For even the messy moments need to be savored. The prize is right in front of me. My mouth waters at the thought of claiming it. I want to taste it as it comes though.

I want to taste ALL of it.

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Alexis said...

Amen to lessons learned from God through a dog. I know I owe you an email reply. Praying for you.