Monday, April 11, 2011

Still Here

I'm still here. My internet is not... But I am.

Today I sit inside a cozy Starbucks sipping coffee, checking e~mail, jotting down bits and pieces. The boys are doing their STAR testing today. This moment is the FIRST moment I have had in about three weeks to just sit, relax and reflect.... Mmmmm... It feels heavenly!

So much to be thankful for. My heart overflows. God has provided in ways that I never expected. My family has been blessed beyond measure! I have recorded these in my '1000 Gifts' journal, but there are so many that are so worthy of being shared! I share not because I want to gloat, I share because God is good.

1. Numerous friends and family members helped with the big move day! There were lots of muscles and able bodies and the job was completed without major disaster and in a very timely manner.

2. My mom came and put my ENTIRE kitchen together! We had baseball games to be at the day after move day, and a house up the hill that needed cleaning. It's impossible to be in more than one place at a time, and mom knew how much it would mean to me to have just that one place in my new home put away. Thank you, Mom.

3. Dinner was brought to us the night that we moved in by my Step~Mom. She brought two lasagnas, green veggies, a gallon of milk and a big chocolate birthday cake for J. She didn't even know that I had prayed specifically that I would somehow figure out a way to sneak out and buy a birthday cake for J since I wouldn't be able to bake one this year. What a gift! Thank you, Roberta!

4. My sweet BFF, Gina made yummy scones for breakfast the morning that I had to be back up the hill for school for the boys and more clean up at the old house. She not only made me breakfast, but she sent me out the door with a delicious salad for lunch! I felt more than loved... Gi... You are the BESTEST!! :0)

5. We found out that Colby got on a baseball team close to our new home. It didn't look good for him this year. The team that he was "supposed" to be on fell apart at the last minute. He was a VERY disappointed boy!! God showed him His goodness though. He ended up on a team full of sweet young boys and FOUR awesome coaches. We know that at least one of them is a Godly example of man, husband and father too. He happens to be the husband of Caleb's fourth grade teacher (next year). It turns out that THIS team is the team that Colby was "supposed" to be a part of this year.

6. At our first youth meeting at our new house yesterday, there were many new faces. J and I have been praying for a LONG time that this new house would just be one that would bless others. We will continue to make this our prayer. Seeing these new faces yesterday (faces that we've been praying specifically for) was even more confirmation.

These are just a few. I think I added another 200 to my journal during the past couple or weeks! I wake up each morning full of excitement over the gifts that will be witnessed for the day. Some of the best ones are ones that I witness others receiving.

The gift hunt continues...

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The Holbrook Family said...

Loved! He pours out His love on us in such intimate ways. Glad you are "still here"...though you are not 'here' in Foresthill, we are excited for the beginning of your journey...there! Love you much friend.