Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Things They Say!

Once in awhile I like to record some of the conversations I hear around here. Tonight is a perfect time to do just that...

Just three days from Good Friday, Caleb announces tonight that for Lent he is giving up his favorite spot in front of the television! Now, to some this may not be a big deal, but to Caleb.... BIG DEAL! He fights with his brothers over that spot almost daily. I'm sure that it is no accident that he didn't make this announcement a lot earlier... Like back when Lent began.

We saw 'Soul Surfer' this afternoon... GREAT movie!! As we were having dinner, J asked what everyone's favorite parts were. After Caleb and Colby both shared their favorite parts, Luke just simply stated, "AnnaSophia Robb". SHE was Luke's favorite part. Ummm, yeah... He's almost 14 folks!! His hormones have officially arrived.

Life is so fun with all of these men. The giggle in my gut is pretty much non~stop!

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