Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In The Moment

Time keeps ticking by here. We are staying busy... But looking forward to a little reprieve come middle of November. That's when we get a short break until sports start back up again. It's when our days seem a little longer. It's also when I feel like I have a chance to just breathe in these moments... Soak them in.

Lately I have been finding myself with a smile of remembrance on my face a lot. As I walk down the aisles of Target throwing the everyday necessities in the cart, I catch out of the corner of my eye a young boy arguing with his Mama about the gobs of costumes that fill the store.

"Mama, I wanna be BATMAN, not SUPERMAN! Batman is much cooler. Can I get the Bat Belt too?"

My heart smiles. The smile even appears on my face as I hope they don't catch me staring, only to think I'm some kind of crazy kid stalker cruising through Target. A lump makes it's way to my throat and suddenly I'm biting my lip instead of smiling.

I wander down a couple more aisles while in deep thought about all the yesterdays. Another scene catches my attention.

"Johnny, would you like the rubber boots with frogs on them or the fireman rubber boots?"

Mmmm... another familiar, but somehow distant memory. I miss Batman running around my house. I miss lining up the puddle soaked rubber boots at the door TERRIBLY! These are moments I can't get back, but through the lump in my throat I am able to say that there are more to come. Different... but more. All precious. All mine to tuck away.

God, help me to breathe more. Help me to soak up EVERY moment... Even (and sometimes mostly) the busiest ones. Help me not to rush time away just so that I can get to the slower days. Every day is a gift from you. Remind me to be on my knees more praying for my boys. Continue showing me my yesterdays, but help me to remember that my todays and my tomorrows are also moments in this life. Moments spent in this "Heaven on earth."