Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And Still Counting....

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and have this incredible prompting to take our family and get away for the day. We have learned to listen to that prompting, and each time we are blessed beyond measure! We almost didn't do it this time. A couple of the boys were not happy about our plan to take a drive. They were complaining about not being home much (which is true), so we almost opted for just having a stay at home day. Something inside of J and I pulled all five of us out the door though. Staying at home would mean that we would all do our individual things. Some might clean, some might play, but we wouldn't be doing much of anything TOGETHER! Togetherness is what my hubby and I knew our hearts were craving. We grabbed a few things and headed up the hill to a sweet little place called Bridgeport. I have had friends tell me about this place for years, but I didn't visit until just this past weekend. What a treat! All five of us immediately became excited at the possibilities that awaited us on the trails, down at the water, in the trees, etcetera.

It's been a long while since I have recorded any 'gifts' in my 1000 gifts journal. I put my journal down months ago, and I have foolishly let it sit there unattended for way too long! My soul was suddenly flooded with words to jot down. I saw a look in the eyes of all three of my boys that I haven't seen in awhile. They were completely at rest. Not a care in the world!! They sat by the water and carved sticks into little boats to float down the river. They attached leaves, pine needles and whatever else they could find to make their boats original from each other. They collected rocks and skipped them in the water. J and I sat and soaked it all in. Not a single moment passed us by. My senses were working over time. There were smells that took me back to childhood. There were sights and sounds that took me back to their childhoods, and there was the calm and steady touch of my husband's hand in mine as we swallowed up this perfect day.

God knew I needed a big tug to get me counting again. Counting the blessings that surround me every minute. Counting the ways in which He lavishes His love on me and on my family. Counting the many ways I adore HIM and how HE amazes me over and over again.

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Holbrook Family said...

Mmmm. Nice! Sounds perfectly wonderful. Missing you in the business of the move. Stealing a moment to catch up, even if by blog. Hugs! -G