Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The past twenty four hours have been packed with all sorts of things...

Last night I had the honor of taking Colby on a mother and son date. We went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. It was an incredible experience that neither of us will EVER forget!! During the evening, we smiled, we laughed, we stood arm in arm. We clapped together through some of Steven's best songs and being the Mama that I am, I shed a few tears too. Colby was star struck the minute that Scott and Kelly from K-Love radio came out to announce the performers. Josh Wilson and another artist by the name of Andrew Petersen completed the trio. Andrew is now one of my favorites. He wrote and performed a song for his wife that knocked my socks off! Such a special night for my sweet son and I.

This morning I took Luke to the orthodontist to have his braces removed. When exiting the house this morning, he was sure that he would get to the office and they would change their minds for whatever reason. He never got excited about it actually happening because he really didn't think it would. I believe the poor boy thought he would go to his grave with that metal in his mouth. He would never again taste the yummy-ness of caramel corn, never be able to stick a big ol' wad of Big League Chew in his mouth, never be able to experience a piece of hard candy without hearing the faint whisper of his orthodontist's guilt. Well... It happened! He had them removed and boy, is he ever handsome!! Not that he wasn't before, but WOW... Girls... Keep your hands off! ** Picture soon to be posted **

On several occasions this week I have been approached with compliments on my boys. Some from people I know, some from complete strangers. The comments have all had the same theme though. People say they are different. They are respectful. They open doors for the ladies, they shake hands with men. They say their pleases, their thank yous, and they are eager to help people. I always remember to thank these people for their compliments. It means so much to a mama's heart. Then, I heard this Steven Curtis Chapman song about being covered with the Fingerprints of God. What timing!

My boys are covered by the fingerprints of a God who created them, who loves them, who has designed them with their individual purposes. It is easy for others to see these fingerprints... Thus the reason for all of these compliments. Some may know whose fingerprints they are, some may not yet. My prayer will continue to be that my boys will shed light and spread these fingerprints all over this world!

To borrow a few words from Steven Curtis Chapman...

"Just look at you, you're a wonder in the making.
Oh, and God's not through... In fact, He's just
getting started."

Yes, He is boys. He's only touched the surface with those fingerprints.

You make me so proud to be your Mama!

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