Monday, January 9, 2012

Letting Go of Salt

I just returned from picking everyone up from their first day back at school. It was a busy day for all of us, but a good day. Lots of time traveling back and forth in the car. A few loads of laundry, some grocery shopping, packing, etcetera.

I heard a story on K-Love today that grabbed my heart BIG time! I thought I would share it....

In the African jungles, baboons are hunted for their meat. Personally, I think this particular animal would be especially difficult to hunt. However, the people there that hunt them have discovered a "fool proof" way to capture their meal. They dig a hole about the size of a human fist into the trunk of a tree. Then they put salt inside of the hole. The scent of the salt is a strong attractant for the baboon. They come to the tree and immediately begin stuffing their large fists into the hole to get the salt. What they don't know is that getting their fists out with the salt is much too hard. Instead of leaving the salt behind, they hold onto it. They REFUSE to let it go! They will stay at that tree for days and become starved and dehydrated all in the name of not letting go of something that they really want. The hunter comes back to capture their prey. From a distance, they are able to kill the baboon who is weak and still refusing to let go. Pretty incredible, isn't it? This animal literally lays his life down for something as small as a clump of salt... Because that salt is what he HAS TO HAVE!

The story grabbed my heart because I have been like the baboon in the African jungle. My fist has been wrapped around a clump of salt. I have experienced starvation and dehydration in the name of not letting go.

About a week ago, we received news that we attained a new home. I say "home" and not house because it will be home, not just a house. For the first few days, I threw a fit like a little two year old. It wasn't the home I planned it to be! There were too many things that I didn't like about it. Not enough of this, and too much of that. What I failed to see at first was that it was the door that had opened for us... Exactly what we had been specifically praying for! Maybe I would have seen that earlier if I wasn't so focused on holding on to the clump of salt.

Eventually I let go of the salt. I began to nourish myself with The Word. I turned my music up in the car and worshipped with my hands held high ( I know, not the safest). My body, mind and slowly my soul began to feel hydrated again and ready to proceed with the unwrapping of this gift from the Lord.

And this is where I'm at today.

I'm so grateful for God's mercy and grace once again. I fail, and He comforts and teaches me in the process.

In just three short weeks we will be in our new home. I will be making another house our home. I can't wait to share more about it...

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Chanel said...

This story reminded me of the part in "One Thousand Gifts" when she talks about the fist closed tight to protect the joy, in turn squelching it. Even holding so tightly to God's beautiful gifts, refusing to trust Him and give up control, can steal our peace....Thank you for sharing this story. It spurred me to search my heart for the many things I trade for dehydration...
Praying the transition into your new home is smooth and joyful.