Thursday, July 11, 2013

Routine.... And other things.

Summer is not supposed to be about routine. It is supposed to be about the opposite of routine. And yet, for me...... Routine is what makes my heart beat so steadily. Routinely.

Why is routine so important to me anyhow? What is so life giving a out knowing what to expect next? I've given a lot of thought to this lately, but I haven't come up with any concrete answers.... Just theories.

The important thing here is that routine is important to me, and yet this summer my ship is is getting totally rocked by a small-ish, soft and cuddly, perfect in almost every way little thing named 'Chief'. He is the new addition to our family. Yes, the zoo has expanded AGAIN! J has this idea that if a boy wants his own dog, then he should have his own dog. He should be well informed of every new responsibility that is coming his way, but he should be given the reigns of accepting full responsibility for another life. I agree with my hubby, but it comes at a much greater cost to me.

I am here every day. I do not leave. I am the supervisor over the supervisor of the new pup. I am the one that goes out and hunts for the miracle product that is going to make housebreaking a puppy an overnight process (no such product..... Don't believe anything that anyone tells you). I am also the one that gets up with the head CEO in the wee hours of the morning to make sure the pup is let out of his crate to relieve himself in the back yard. It seems that Caleb is developing his "daddy ears" during bedtime hours just fine.

BUT..... I am also the one that gets to witness this young boy of mine become the nurturer he was made to be. He is the youngest. He hasn't had anyone to nurture until now. I must say.... It is the sweetest thing to watch. I tell him everyday that he is the best "puppy daddy" I have ever known. This boy LOVES his "child"..... Deeply.

Routine is what a puppy's life is all about too. His routine doesn't match mine at the current moment, but I have to respect the fact that he has one that he feels needs to be followed. I also find pleasure in educating my son on the importance of it all. I wouldn't consider myself to be OCD about it, and I certainly wouldn't want to instill thoughts so strongly on the subject to my son that it sends him in that direction, but I do think a healthy dose of routine is just one of the things that makes life so grand.

I will find my routine again. Chief and I will soon meet in the middle. The chaos of this present day will be behind us, and it will become another memory to add to the vault.

Today I am trying to have a "go with it" kind of attitude. I guess y could say I am adding this new attitude to my daily routine.... For now.

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drury said...

Thought I would see a picture of the pup with this post.....does he not like his picture taken? I know Caleb does!