Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wide Awake!

At the early hour of 6:30am this morning it was just me.... And David (Crowder, that is) pounding the pavement. With the recent heat wave making it's way through our area, the temperature outside was already 84 degrees at 6:30am!

Gonna be a warm one today... Again.

It's funny how your senses come alive when you seem to be all alone. With the exception of a few cars here and there leaving for their work day, and the big garbage truck traveling through the neighborhood, there is nobody around.

The birds are all busy though. Their voices are loud and full of cheer. I haven't heard or seen them much during these hot days. I wonder where birds go when it gets so hot? Makes me think I should get a bird bath for the back yard... Poor birds.

The hum of air conditioners buzz throughout. There aren't many open windows today. Just a lot of tightly closed homes with dollar signs adding up behind their doors as the artificial cool breezes flow from their vents inside. Yes, the bank account will be happy when this heat wave leaves us.

The air is thick and heavy this morning. We aren't used to that here, but it immediately takes me back to another time in my life. My mind starts to wander back to childhood in the Midwest. Damp days is what summer is all about back there. You take a shower only to step outside and feel like you've just stepped back into the shower! Yuck!! As I continue on my trek, I realize that my clothes are soaked. It feels good though... There's something about sweating it out that feels SO DARN GOOD!

I gaze down the street and think to myself, "Will anyone see me if I run through those sprinklers?" They look so inviting! I decide not to run through them, but I walk close enough to the edge of their lawn to hopefully catch a little bit of the misting.

It will be another scorcher today, but my day has started beautifully. It has started with a feeling of my spirit being awake in every possible way.

I couldn't ask for more.

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