Saturday, July 12, 2008

Believe it... or not.

Today was a great day! It was good to just "be" with family. I actually got to experience some of that laziness that I last talked about here on my blog. We hung out at the pool together and then went on to church and dinner.

In other ways, it was also one of those text book "mom days". We got up this morning and found that we had forgotten to bring in our little kitty from outside last night. She started living outside during the day only a few weeks ago. We bring her in at night because we live in the hills where there are things that can hurt her. This cat has been especially good to Colby. She LOVES Colby! Ever since I can remember, Colby and Rosie have had a sweet time of just cuddling first thing in the morning. Colby has always been the one to feed her, give her water and make sure that all her needs were met. So, finding out that she wasn't around this morning was extremely hard. Of course, we tried to reassure Colby that she was probably fine... just out wandering for awhile. She was sure to be back once we came home from our day out.

We arrived back home tonight only to find no trace of little Rosie. The tears started to flow again, and this time they continued all the way up to the moment that I had finally soothed him to sleep all curled up on my lap. Before he fell asleep we talked and we prayed. I told Colby that sometimes God gives us things that make our faith grow. He kept telling me that there was no way he could go to sleep without knowing where she was at. I told him that he COULD go to sleep if he chose to BELIEVE that God was in control of this. We talked about some of the things in my own life that have brought pain and a sense of being hopeless. I shared how in some of these situations I chose to believe in a God who cares for me... and in some situations I didn't. I told him how much MORE it hurts when you choose not to believe. The tears and sobbing settled and he soon after fell asleep.

As I lay there with him sleeping, I started thinking about how I have been in a similar state recently. It's been easy for me to feel overwhelmed with life and the craziness that takes over lately. It's been even easier for me to just give up and say, "I can't do this anymore! I must have some control over this!" God has heard my heart speaking these words silently for such a long while. Even so, He has continued to pull me in. He has called me home to trust in Him... BELIEVE in Him and what He is going to do in EVERY chapter of my life. I was even reminded of this at church tonight. God does what is needed to get our attention. My attention is His and I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE and TRUST!

I know that Colby (as well as Lucas and Caleb) will have many more opportunities to believe. This is just the beginning. In some ways, I feel this is just the beginning in my own life. I pray tonight that God will strengthen us as we choose to believe... whatever the outcome may be.

** If you wouldn't mind, please pray with us regarding Rosie finding her way back home safely. I know it would mean a lot to Colby to know that others are praying about this with him. Thanks!

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