Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The hazy (anything BUT lazy) days of summer....

I'm still waiting for summer. I'm longing for a few consecutive days of laziness. Days to just get up whenever it feels right... do whatever feels good. Of course, waking up without a thick layer of smoke above me would be an added bonus right now. We have been under this thick layer of smoke for about three weeks now. They are starting to say that this could last until fall. YUCK!! We are praying for a miracle in California... RAIN.

Lucas is in the middle of his all-star tournament. They have won two out of three games. They play again tomorrow... it's supposed to be 108 degrees. Once again... YUCK! Colby also leaves for church camp tomorrow. This is the first time that one of my boys has left home without one of us with him for such a long period of time. He seems to be fine about it... unlike me. That leaves Caleb with nothing special of his own, so I arranged for him to sleep over with a friend. This is his first sleep over with a friend by himself. I haven't told him yet because he's the type that will get so excited that he will ask me every hour, "Is it time now, mommy?"

So here I am again, left to pray about some things as I can feel God working in my heart. The other day I was reading from this wonderful book called 'Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World'. This sentence literally jumped at me right off the page. It said this...

"We've been filled with great treasure for one purpose: to be spilled."

As the activity level around here has been out of control and my cravings for "laziness" have been left un-fed I have been feeling sorry for myself. I've been wondering where the time has gone. When did we get on this roller coaster and when do we get off? I have been second guessing every decision we have made regarding having our boys involved in so much. As I've been praying about this though, I have heard one thing spoken to me over and over again.They are involved in what they were meant for. They have each chosen one thing, and with that they have taken off! In these things, God will use them. When I read this sentence that I quoted above I thought about the fact that these boys of ours are being spilled. They have each been filled with treasures all of their own and these treasures are spilling into the lives of those that surround them.

I am praying today that I have the ability to spill positive things into the lives of my children and others that surround ME. I pray that I am able to take the treasures that God has so carefully and purposely put in me and spill them each day... whether it be a busy day or a lazy (even hazy) day.

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