Sunday, September 7, 2008

Diving For Frogs!

Friday night we went out for pizza and then decided to go on a hike around the pond a couple of miles from our house. As some of you may already know, California is so dry right now. The pond was more like a puddle! It was very marsh-like with LOTS of mud for the boys to enjoy and explore... and that they did! The first thing they did when we got there was run down to the mud and plunge themselves into it. Caleb was wearing a pair of Crocs and he lifted his feet up and left his shoes behind in the thick of it.

There were hundreds of "just graduated from polywog-hood" frogs leaping from the mud into the water at the sound of these four giggling boys (one was a friend) frolicking the banks. The boys were thrilled at the sight of them and couldn't wait to get their hands on them! Jason and I were at the top and since it was kinda dusky, we could only see bits and pieces... but what we heard just made us roar with laughter. We would hear "Ohhhhh... I think I got one. Oops... he's not moving. Oh no, I think he's dead." Other things like... "Dude, your mom's gonna be sooooo mad. Look at all the mud on you!" It was truly HILARIOUS!!!!

Boys are so much fun. When I was growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a mommy. I always pictured myself with boys and girls (maybe two of each). I NEVER would have guessed that God had THREE boys planned for me. Even my mom says she can't believe it! What an honor though. They bring me so much joy and laughter. I love to just sit and watch them. They will be out in the back building forts and I love to watch their brains think. The things they come up with and the ways they show their creativity are so different from me... it's fascinating. They are men in little boys' bodies.

Coming home from the pond the other night, I was still laughing about the dialogue that was taking place there. I was relishing the moment. I was FULL of gratitude for these adventurous, crazy boys of mine. I was literally lost in the moment when we pulled into the driveway... only to find out that we had a loose frog in the van. Time for the adventure to start all over...

PS. There will be a picture, so if you have read this without the picture, please check back. It will be worth it! :0)

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Darlee said...

What fun! It's truly a wonderful God given gift to be a mommy.

P.S. Tami, did Rosy ever come back?