Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today I'm thinking of all things beautiful again. It's been a crazy start to our new school semester, so sometimes it just helps to STOP and think upon all things beautiful in life. Here are just a few...

1. Playing in perfect snow on a GORGEOUS day near home.

2. Having a cozy fire in the stove (it's even MORE beautiful when I'm not the one who has to start it). :0)

3. Lucas preparing dinner... The WHOLE thing... I didn't lift a finger!

4. Seeing my hubby walk through the door at the end of the day. LOVE THAT!!

Share a few things... I'd love to know what you think is beautiful today too!


partyoffivetn said...

Beautiful things over here:
1. The sun shining for the first time all week.
2. A nice long nap, and cooperative children to let me do so....and the most important....
3. Going into my 10 week ultrasound and seeing a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat!!! (couldn't wait to tell you!)

Alexis said...

What is beautiful to me?

Watching my son kiss his Daddy's face on the computer monitor (as we talk to him via Skype) while 7,500 miles apart. How beautiful!

partyoffivetn said...

I guess the only way to get you my email is this...
you can email me anytime! would love to chat more :)