Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He knows EVERYTHING... doesn't He?

Okay, so I'm coming out of my long holiday break... in more ways than one. It was a beautiful Christmas. The boys are more and more fun each year! Their excitement puts me on a high that is almost uncontrollable. This morning was a real eye opener since it was the first morning in more than two weeks that I have actually been awake to see the sunrise. UGH... God help me through this day!

I debated on where to pick up here. Do I post pictures of our Christmas? Do I fill in everyone on all the details of this season.... OR do I just pick up where I left off and share something that SPECIFICALLY blessed me? Caleb helped me answer my own questions. This is a conversation that took place in my bathroom the other night while I was trimming his hair:

Caleb: "Mom, do you know how many hairs I have on my head? I'd really like to know." (Caleb is obsessed with his long curly locks these days.)

Me: "Well, no I don't. There's only one person who knows the answer to that question."

Caleb: "Oh, yeah... I know who that is... it's God. He knows everything!"

Me: "Yep... He sure does."

Caleb: "You know what else He knows right now, Mom?"

Me: "What?"

Caleb: "He knows we need toothpaste."

Oh my... have I told you lately how much I LOVE these boys of mine? Really though... it got me thinking about life. It got me thinking about the message that we received at church this last Sunday. It's true, He knows EVERYTHING! There's no point in making resolutions for the new year. God knows what 2009 holds for our family. It's good to have goals, because a lot of us find motivation there. As for planning though... that's another story. The older I get, the more passionate I feel about living each day for what it is. I put more importance in just enjoying my family and surroundings and letting God take over the planning.

There's such comfort in that, isn't there? So, if there's any resolution that I make this year... it will be to keep these thoughts close. I will let God be my personal planner. I will NOT fall easily to stress caused by me trying to plan my own life and what is to come next. I will savor each day. I will remember that He knows EVERYTHING... He even knows we need toothpaste! :0)


partyoffivetn said...

You are the second person in the last two days to remind me that God knows all the hairs on our head...thanks for the reminder...now, go get some toothpaste...and I love your new background...one day I will find what blog I want to write again!

Papa said...

What a precious story. Tami, while sometimes your thoughts make me cry, this one made me smile. I love read about how much you enjoy your boys!