Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taste of Summer

I know it's not officially summer, but it's sure feeling, looking and sounding like it. As I type tonight, the screen doors are letting in the sounds of crickets and frogs. The air is refreshing after a warm day. My skin is burning (just a tad bit) after getting too much sun at Luke's baseball game today.

Yep... summer is upon us, and I, for one am HAPPY about that! It seems like just yesterday I was writing about summer and all that we enjoy doing. Here we are again... Let me re-cap.

We love to hang out in/by the water (any water... pool, lake, river, ocean).

We ALWAYS look forward to berry picking (blueberries and blackberries). Last year we weren't able to pick blueberries because of the fires. We sure missed those plump, juicy berries in our pancakes. :0(

Camping trips are a must for us. There's nothing like hanging out under a nice shady tree reading a book while observing my three beautiful boys catch fish. Mmmmm... I can smell those s'mores now!

The beginning of summer means the end of the baseball season. Watching Luke play baseball gets better every season. He's amazing out there... He certainly knows how to make a mama proud.

Summer means slow mornings with my cup of coffee out on my patio in my new chaise lounge. It means warm evenings spent with my hubby on the patio ~ or maybe even a walk.

I love to just sit and watch the boys play. They can be climbing a tree, shooting hoops, catching bugs and other critters... it really doesn't matter. I just enjoy watching them because I learn more about who they are through their play and interaction.

Summer means freedom in so many ways. I'm not tied down to schedules, and breathing throughout the day actually feels easier. We make memories through each season, but the summer memories are the ones that stick with me best. Maybe because things slow down. Maybe because I actually see my family in a different light.

Yes... summer is sweet, and I'm looking forward to sharing bits and pieces here once again.

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partyoffivetn said...

I can't wait until we canpick blueberries off our bushes in the back yard...and this summer for us means a new little baby boy to love!! (9 weeks and counting :))