Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy birthday Colby!

Today my second born is 10... double digits again. UGH! He has to be the proudest 10 year old I've ever seen though. He has waited for this day to come for a long time. You see... for the boys' 10 year birthday, they receive pocket knives... their first. When Luke got his two years ago, Colby cried and said that this day would "NEVER" come.

And yet again... it has.

Colby is the oldest 10 year old I know. This boy holds so much knowledge in his head... it's AMAZING! He can give you stats on pretty much anything at the drop of a hat. He reads a lot and "inputs" a lot. It's fun to watch him talk with his peers, as well as other adults. Colby is not afraid of anything. One of his favorite things to do is go to car shows. He LOVES cars... exotics and classics. The men who own these cars usually see him coming and try to avoid him. It's sad because kids these days have earned bad reputations for every kid. Adults automatically assume that he's just another bratty kid who wants to touch their stuff.

Not Colby.

He will politely walk up to these men and ask them all the questions these guys want to hear. They get into long conversations about the cars and sometimes even a story about their past lives. When Colby is done, he's earned himself a friend and a few compliments always come our way about what a great kid he is. He's good at making us proud parents.

I think if I had to pick one favorite moment with Colby this year it would be his first day of school a couple of weeks ago.


The precious smile on his face that went ear to ear was priceless and something that I will never forget. He is my social bug, and this decision to send him to school was most definitely the right thing.

As we start another year in the life of Colby, I am praying these things:

1. That Colby will understand the value in being a kid, and let himself be just that. He's my boy who always wants to grow up too fast. I have tried to make him see that you only get to be a kid once... enjoy it while you can!

2. That he will continue to be the light that Jesus has made him to be. Colby is a natural people person. I pray that this gift can be used for God's glory.

3. For his health and well being during this school year. We were recently told that his asthma has developed more into a classic form instead of the mild-ish form that he has previous had problems with. We pray that with medicines and other preventative measures, it doesn't become more of a problem for him.

Happy birthday my sweet 10 year old! You said this day would never come, and guess what?

It did.

I love you...


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Papa said...

I will never forget the day Colby was born. I was allowed to be in the delivery room, I saw the doctor hold Colby up and show mom and dad. I was a proud grandpa, and I still am. Happy Birthday! I love you!