Monday, September 7, 2009

Tear Stained T-Shirts

It's finally here...

The much anticipated, a little dreaded (only selfishly on my part) first day of school.

It looks different for us this year. The boys are enrolled in a co-op where they will be attending classes three days a week. They will each have their own teachers. They will take everything from core classes to electives such as art and music. Their days at school will begin in the am and end in the pm. They will load themselves into the car in the morning with their packed lunches and VERY full back packs. This day will be a happy one, but it will bring it's challenges too.

As we said our prayers and "good-nights" tonight there were a little tears shed. I could tell that they were tears of anxiousness over the unknowns, but they were accompanied by the words...

"I'm going to miss you, Mom."

After all, they have started each school day in their home since they each started kindergarten. They have learned to read, spell and the basics of mathematics at our own dining room table. Recess has meant play time on the play structure in our back yard or throwing a baseball back and forth in the front yard. Lunch time has been sandwiches on a plate, not out of a lunch box.

They are ready though. They are eager to start this new journey and learn new things. I am ready and excited for them too. I can see and feel that they have been armored and that they will go out and shine as lights in the darkness. I am a very proud Mama.

Seeing the reflection of tear stains on my shirt in the mirror tonight is something that will always stay with me. It was very symbolic to me. It was confirmation that these years that I've spent following God's leading to do what we knew He wanted us to do at home was the right thing. This new chapter is also God's leading... and what we believe is the right thing now. I'm grateful for a God who makes His presence known in my life and for a family who is always ready and eager to follow.

Good luck tomorrow, boys. Mom will be praying for you All. Day. Long.

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Dad said...

I can still remember a little brown eyed girl heading off to school for the first time. She was all smiles, while daddy was all tears. My daughter, you have done a wonderful job schooling your boys these past years. Now, new friends and new adventures!