Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today I am embracing all "things" beautiful in my life. These are just a few...

Listening to my children sing the words "He loves me... Oh, how He loves me" with the David Crowder Band in our car. These kinds of moments are among the MOST beautiful to me! There is absolutely NOTHING sweeter. ~

The glow of our first wood stove fire on a cold,blustery VERY wet fall day. ~

The smell of nut bread and coffee lingering through my house.... YUM! ~

Knowing that my boys are happy. Seeing their joy on their faces, as well as hearing it in their voices. ~

Like I said, these are just a few. There are too many to count. What do YOU find beautiful today?


partyoffivetn said...

..my beautiful baby asleep on the couch (where I can see him ;))

...my other 3 laughing outside...

...safety after what could have been an electrical fire in our home..

...and to take what you told me, my blog friends, who I may never meet in person, but cherish in my heart...

The Holbrook Family said...

...the sound of the rain on my windows

...my children's laughter ringing through the house

...the smell of pumpkin bars and spiced-tea (or maybe I'm smelling your banana-nut bread drifting up the canyon :0)

...the precious miracle growing inside of me :)

...relationships that the Lord has blessed my life with

I love you Tami!