Monday, October 26, 2009

Four Boys

Isn't this the CUTEST picture you've seen in a while??? They are BOTH cute, but the one I'm referring to is the one including my furry boy. I couldn't resist posting it. I've already made it my screen saver too. This past Friday we packed up "the crew" and headed for Apple Hill. For all of you who aren't locals, Apple Hill is located here in the foothills (but on the OTHER side of the canyon) and it's chock FULL of fun activities. There are apple farms every where and each one has something different to offer. There are crafters, bakers, ponds full of fish, train rides, pony rides... much to spend your money on if you so desire. Personally, we opt for the caramel apples and an occasional apple pie to take home. We don't spend as much money as we do time just walking around, enjoying the sites and mingling with other apple hill fans.

On our way home, we stopped in Coloma (an old gold mining town) and spent some time at the river. The boys made boats out of sticks and leaves and then raced them down the river. They skipped rocks and made bridges out of rocks. J and I took lots of pictures and cozied up on a rock and chatted about the boys and all of our many blessings. Copper hung out with the boys, and did whatever they were doing. The boys had climbed up on this small deck (actually it's part of a replica of an old mill) and they were looking over the edge across the river. At one point, one of them said...

"Wow... Look at that!"

Next thing we know, there's Copper... right up there with them. It seems he doesn't want to miss out on anything! It made for a perfect photo opportunity though. :0)

It's a good thing that we had such a glorious time on Friday. As of yesterday, all three are sick AGAIN! Seriously???? We are in the month of October, right? It's feeling a lot like February to me around here with all the tissues flying through the air and medicine spoons cluttering the dishwasher. UGH.... This too shall pass.