Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Colby turned 12 today. One more on his way to becoming a teenager... One more working on earning his "wings".

This has been an amazing year for Colby! The Lord has proved over and over to our sweet son just how much he is treasured in His eyes. In the midst of our move, Colby just prayed for one thing... The opportunity to have his own room... FINALLY. Turns out he's been right all these years. Colby is the neat one. Caleb... Not so much. Colby keeps his room museum like. He actually asks me if he can stay up a little later so that he can vacuum before he goes to bed.

Just when we thought Colby wouldn't be able to play baseball this year due to league issues, we get a phone call from a very kind man BEGGING Colby to be on his team down here! We expected that being that Colby was a "new comer" AND a "late comer", we wouldn't get to see him play a whole lot. We couldn't have been more wrong! God showed us ALL what He is capable of and we had the privilege of watching our son play with the biggest smile we have EVER seen on his face! Then... to top it all off, the coach selected Colby as his "player of the year". What a sweet gift that was...

Colby started a new school year in a new place. He went with an anxious and excited heart. He came home on his first day with stories of a new friend made. He came home and told us about the challenges that he would face this year, but that he was ready for all of it! He continues to amaze all of us with his goal oriented mind. He sets the goal and he goes for it! He's not afraid of the steps that need to be taken to get there either. Just this week he came home with the highest grade in the class on a history test.. 105%!!! Did you see that 5 in there?? I'm a proud Mama...

I see many ways in which the Lord is strengthening Colby's heart and mind this year. I pray and I wait. I pray and I watch. It's an amazing sight! It's an honor that I never take for granted.

Colby, I will continue to pray that this year will be a year of more growth. I pray that you understand that the most important growth that takes place in a young man is the growth in his heart. Your heart has HUGE capacity! God is doing awesome things with you, my son. He will continue to deliver you from boyhood into manhood where you will set even more goals and achieve them also. You inspire me, Colby. I'm so thankful for the blessing of your life and everything you bring into this place we call home.

Happy birthday Colby!

I love you. ~

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