Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please Pray...

There are moments in life that simply take our breath away, and I do not mean in a good way.

My lungs and heart have felt heavy for the past three days. On Sunday afternoon we learned that a classmate/friend of Lucas' suffered a major heart attack. Yes... a FOURTEEN year old boy collapsed due to a heart attack while miniature golfing. He was transported to the hospital and put into a medically induced coma. We have heard many stories... One being that his heart literally stopped beating on it's own for 30 minutes. We have prayed for this young boy and his family since Sunday.

This morning Lucas attended his first "Meet me at the pole" event. As a school, those that met at the pole prayed for this boy. After, Lucas texted me and asked me to "pray hard" for his friend because as of this moment, it "doesn't look to good."

Would you please join me in prayer for this young man and his family? I have found it hard to do much else. My mind keeps going to his parents and all they that must be going through right now. They sent their son off to have some fun with his friends on Sunday, and life has drastically changed for them since that moment he walked out the door.

Our bible study group talked about miracles last week. God is capable. If it is His will, this friend of Lucas' will be healed. I am praying for that miracle. I am praying that the parents will feel overwhelming peace and that they sense the power of God's love and God's people carrying them at this time. I do not know if they are believers, but I pray that if they are not, that all things will point to Christ and that they will come to know Him through these tragic circumstances.

Please join me in praying for this family.

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