Monday, September 26, 2011

Love's Dance

The music started nineteen years ago today.

He took my hand, put his arm around my waist and started this dance of life. With each step, becoming closer and closer to God's design of Man and Wife.

There have been moments of taking the floor to the swell of the music, and other moments of movements in quiet solitude. Moments of celebration, moments of disappointment and even mourning.

The music has never stopped. The rhythm has experienced changes, but the beat has not.

The music has sometimes reminded us of the fragility of life. Never knowing when that last step to the rhythm will be. Remembering to always offer each other our best.

He takes my hand still, and I embrace his. His smile continues to light my world. His voice is calm. Waking up next to his side brings me undeniable peace and contentment. He is a portrait of strength to my eyes and soul.

This dance, Love's Dance... It is a gift. God's gift to this heart of mine. God's gift to his heart too. That's why the dance is so sweet, so constant.

We hear the notes of life and we keep moving with it. My hand in his... My heart with his. The music goes on.

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Talysa said...

Happy Anniversary friend!!! :-)