Saturday, July 7, 2012


  by Zoomama3
, a photo by Zoomama3 on Flickr.

Do you ever feel on the verge of something BIG? Maybe not something that you can actually put a finger on.... But something BIG?

Today I woke up with a heart that told me that more change is taking place. The change is beneath the surface though(at least for now it is). This change has a lot to do with preparation!

God is preparing us... He has allowed and then used disappointments and trials as tools to sow our hearts for what is to come. Disappointment is never any easy thing, but when you can see the purpose in it, it changes everything. Our oldest has demonstrated this beautifully this week. He has taught his Mama some very fine lessons and brought me to my knees with a desire to honor my Father and the will that He has for my children.

Lucas has shown me what rising above looks like. God has shown me that there is much to be done... Lots of preparing to do.

So full of gratitude today.

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